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What is the Parish Resource Center?

To be in ministry today can be both energizing and unsettling. While grappling with issues of cultural diversity and relevant styles of worship, congregational leaders are called upon to manage a bewildering array of programs, such as food banks, homeless shelters, mentoring, youth, and pre-schools (to mention only a few faith-based services). At the same time, they must cope with day-to-day challenges of staff management, aging buildings, shrinking congregations, new technologies, fund drives, and endowment management. Few congregations are prepared to address the myriad of issues challenging them.

The core service of the Parish Resource Center is a staff of professional consultants who serve congregational leaders and members who visit or seek help by telephone, mail, or Internet. In addition to individualized consultative assistance, the Parish Resource Center sponsors seminars and training events. Cutting-edge resources to preview and borrow also are available to subscribers. Finally, the Center provides an accessible, hospitable, and well-equipped one-stop center that helps leaders and members address challenges and work on congregational tasks.

The Parish Resource Center offers a new but tested way of providing training, guidance, and support. By unlocking the rich human and spiritual resources in their congregations, churches ensure their own stability and subsequently strengthen the wider community for future generations.


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